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The very first thing arise in our mind is that what is current affairs and what is use of current affaires now days, and why current affairs are important. Here we will discuss all these things in very details, so let’s know that is current affairs and what its use is.

Current affairs are current information about what happening in our surrounding, in our country or around the world. Now days in all kind of job exam current affairs are generally asked and play a very important role in selection, so you cannot skip current affairs if you are preparing for the job either for government or private job. The current affairs are common each and every where if you are preparing for bank exams, railways exams or in any other sector, the current affairs are asked everywhere, so it becomes more important to prepare day by day current affairs. Here we will let you know how to prepare current affairs in very easy way, so let het start.

current affairs

It is very difficult for you if you are thing that when your exams will come closer then you will prepare it within few days, if you are thinking this then be careful it is just a myth. You cannot prepare current affairs within few days or within one or two days. So the question is that, what is the perfect way for preparing current affairs, let’s know-

To prepare current affaire you have to do it by regular, if you are able to give your few minutes then you can prepare current affairs very well and very easily. To do it you have spent you 40 to 60 min every day in evening and you have to read all current affairs and the things happened by yesterday means you have to read current affairs of one day old that’s mean yesterday’s current affairs not of today. Here on learnby2, every day we will update the current affairs of the previous days so it is easy for you , you just have to cum on our website and visit in current affairs section and browse for the today current affairs.

Different ways to prepare current affairs –

There are some other different ways by which you can prepare current affairs rather than online medium, for offline medium the newspaper is the most important thing, you have read newspaper every day with very close eye. In newspaper never try to read those section where are only local news, try to read some section where you will get some national and international news, like what happening in the world and what going on between countries to countries and continents to continents. There is no limitation of current affairs, in each and every sector have current affairs, the things is matter that how much you can read and understand, the most important things is that to create a short notes for all important current affairs. This notes will help you to recall very fast during exam times.

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