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Off-Campus Drive is a special kind of drive for hiring a candidate for various jobs profile. It is the best opportunity for those who not form a repeated college but they are exceptionally good in knowledge and technology. In this article we are going to tell you what is an off campus drive, what is purpose of an off-campus drive and how we can participate in off-campus drives.

What is an Off Campus Drive:-

The off-campus drive is a drive in which companies hires extremely talented candidates for a specific role. In off-campus drive there in no boundary like that is your college, what is your percentage and so many other things. In off campus drive companies only looks your talent, if you have talenet then no other things matter for companies.

How to apply for an Off-Campus Drive:-

Every year companies conduct an off-campus drive, you can check companies' career pages or some other job portals or you can also contact companies employees using LinkedIn and ask them for a referral interview in their companies.

Off-Campus Drive Selection Process:-

Selection process depends on companies placement model, here we are going to tell you a common model of selection process.

  • Round 1:- System based aptitude test
  • Round 2:- Technical Round
  • Round 3:- HR Round


There may be some more rounds, it totally depends on companies that how they are conducting selection process.

How to prepare for off campus drives:-

For off campus drive, you should be very good in aptitude and your core subjects. Try to focus on these two this very carefully because they are most important and in 1st and 2nd round you will be asked question from these two sections mainly.

For IT Background Candidates:-

If you are from IT background then you should know at least one programming language like C, C++, Java, Python or C#. In most of the interview C language is asked so we recomands you that must prepare the C programming language. After programming language Data Structure and Algorithms are also very important, so prepare them also and do hard practice in writing program which is based on algorithms.

After preparing these you can practice on hacker-earth programming contest for practice, the score of hacker-earth and some other practice platform contests is much matter to get a referral and help in your interview.

Most Important:-

Since nowadays there are too many candidates who are searching for jobs, so there is very difficult to get a chance for an interview, you have to apply madly for drives without much thinking about why you are not getting a reply.