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The information published in learnby2.com is only for information purpose. We clear that we are not responsible for any kind of inconvenience if there due to direct or indirect use of this site content. We are working best at our level to provide useful and genuine information but we can’t refuse from mistake there can be some wrong or invalid information, so before performing any task based on learnby2.com content validate information from your side.

Types of Information we provides

At learnby2.com we provides different – different kinds information from various sector like jobs opening information, learning tutorials, knowledge about current affairs and latest technologies information, any kind of educational and no educational content. Basically here any one can ask their any kind of question and any one can reply for those questions. In this way it’s connecting people to share knowledge and information which can help peoples to performing some task based on that information.

User’s data we collect

We collect user’s data when you fill up any form of survey at learnby2.com, in such kind of form we generally ask for your name, contact number, email, address, phone and other general information. Basically we use that information to provide user better experience and keep then up to date. We can send you email or can contact you on based of your information which you have provided during feeling form. We never share your personal information to third party without your permission, we understand your privacy and we assure your privacy related to your personal information which you have provided us.

Use of cookie

To improve user experience we use cookie in learnby2.com, cookie contains a piece of small information and we store cookie in your web browser memory, by using cookie we try to provide you best user experience and fast page loading. You are free to delete any cookie stored in your web browser from learnby2.com, deletion of cookie will not cause any kind of problem, just it will decrease user experience.

Third party web page links

Yes, we use third party links in our website to provide users useful information for example we list different company jobs information and sometimes application have to submit company website, in such case we refer third party links, means we can’t refuse to containing third party links.

Change in policy

learnby2.com is free to change their terms of use and policy statement at any time, but we assure you when we will change it, we will update in this page.

Contact Us

You can contact us, if you are facing any inconvenience from using of learnby2.com, we will try our best to solve your problem. Thanks.